Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Thursday, 26 January 2012

"Twenty-seven weeks + a couple of days" weigh in and a breakthrough!

Sorry I didn't post last week, but I was feeling down about other health problems.  My weight hadn't changed much as I had been taken off my blood pressure tablets completely because I had low potassium and my doctor thought I might be peeing too much with the diuretics and losing potassium.  She was right.  A week after I came off the diuretics my potassium was back in the normal range.  Coming off diuretics meant that what should be my normal level of body fluid had to adjust again and as I gained a bit of fluid and lost a bit of weight, my overall weight wasn't moving.

All that has changed now though and I have finally broken through the 100kg barrier.  I weighed yesteray morning as I was going to a meeting in the evening with lots of other of my surgeon's mini gastric bypass patients at a social event held in the hospital, and I wanted to know my weight before that.  I am so happy to say that I am now 99.2kgs/218lbs/15st 8lbs!  I had aimed to be there by the end of February, so it's very good news.

Here's a fat photo and then today's photo - I know which I prefer!

My next breakthrough will be when I've lost 100 lbs.  I'd like very much to break through the 200lbs barrier and I hope to do that by  my birthday, 12 April 2012.  I'm giving myself realistic targets - I had no target initially -  as I don't ever want to say that I failed.  I'm not a failure anymore, I'm a success.  I have so far lost 43.9kgs/97.5lbs/6st 12.5lbs - brilliant!

My other health problems are a very high parathyroid hormone level, twice the normal maximum.  I had one of my four parathyroid glands removed in June 2011 as there was a tumour on it and my consultant can't understand why my hormone level is so high now.  I also have a strange bony growth on my clavicle - collar bone - directly beneath the parathyroidectomy scar, which is really odd and no-one medical seems to know what it is - I just hope it's nothing sinister.   Next week I am having an x-ray on the bone lump and a scintigraphy - radio active injection and three hours later a scan - to ascertain whether there is another tumour on another parathyroid gland.   The worry is taking away a bit from my weight loss and renewed fitness happiness, but fingers crossed for some good results next week. 

The mini gastric by pass patient meeting went well yesterday evening, although the acoustics in the room were not helpful to someone partially deaf and foreign!   There was a talk from the people who run Obesite Sud Bretagne, which is an association to promote information and advice about bariatric surgery.  The suggestion is that a similar organisation is formed in the St Brieuc area and there will be another patient meeting on 29 February to discuss that, with potential patients attending too.  It was good to meet with other bypassees and find that we had similar problems and similar joys.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Twenty-five week weigh in

I weighed in at 101kgs/15stones 12½lbs/222.5 pounds this morning, which was a great weight loss after not much for a few weeks and takes me down in the 15 stones which is brilliant! 

I have been taking the antibiotics now for a week and have another week to go.  Certainly my bowel, although not right, is reacting much better now than it was. 

I am now eating a wider variety of foods, although obviously I am not having milk products because of my lactose intolerance except on two occasions when I took a product from Holland & Barrett called Zygest, a super lactase enzyme - Aspergillus oryzae.  When I took it I didn't have the stomach cramps or gas, but I did still have diarrhoea though this might be because I hadn't then started the antibiotics. 

Zygest - details here:


Three capsules before eating/drinking a milk product.  The capsules contain:
Lactase Enzyme (Aspergillus oryzae)375mg
(equivalent to 5,250 FCC units)


For people with lactose intolerance whether eating at home or eating out. Take one to three capsules just before eating a meal, foodor drink that contains lactose. Also take one capsule with medication orvitamins that contain lactose. Lactase should be taken internally and notbe added directly to milk or other dairy products.

Other Ingredients:

Soya Bean Oil, Lactase Enzyme, Capsule Shell (Gelatine,Glycerine, Sweetener (Sorbitol), Colour (Titanium Dioxide)), Emulsifier(Soya Lecithin), Thickener (Yellow beeswax).

Contains (or contains an ingredient/s derivedfrom) wheat/gluten, nuts, soya and sulphites. 

These capsules were brought over from the UK for me by my son as it's not possible to buy a product like this in France according to my pharmacy and doctor.

On New Year's day I went for an hour's walk with my neighbours.  This morning, after doing the animals, I walked down to the bridge at the end of my village.  My neighbour stopped to talk to me as she drove back home with her newspaper and baguette.  Then I met three walkers who had already walked from St Nicolas du PĂ©lem - 4-5 miles from that end of the village - by 9.20am.  To arrive at the bridge there is a very steep descent.  Obviously, coming home I had to climb this hill and it wasn't easy.  My Peugeot 307 struggles getting up this short, sharp incline and so did I.  It was all worth it however.   It took me fifty minutes from my field to the bridge and back home and, for me, it was a good walk.  Here's the mill stream which the bridge crosses.

I hardly made a decision to walk rather than go straight home.  I just unconsciously started walking in the other direction.  I love the fact that I can walk more than fifty paces without pain, without a stick and without worrying about getting back.  It's a freedom I haven't enjoyed for so many years that it's almost a new experience.  

Today I had to go for blood tests because my parathormone level is very high.  Last June I had a tumour on one of my parathyroid glands removed and it looks as if there may be a problem again.  I should get the blood tests results back later this week and if the level is still so high then it might mean surgery again.  It's something I could without - life is sent to try us sometimes!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Twenty-four week weigh in

Happy New Year!

I have weighed in this morning at 105 kilos/231.5lbs/16stone7½lbs, which means I have lost 38.1kg/84lbs/6 stone since my mini gastric bypass on 18 July, and I am a very happy bunny!  I feel so much better and have bags of energy.    On Sunday, New Year's Day, my Breton neighbours called for me to go for a walk with them.  It was drizzling with rain and very, very wet and muddy underfoot, but it was great even though I was soaked from the knees down when I got home.

My weight loss has slowed somewhat lately, but I am still continuing to lose which is all that matters.  I have just started taking the antibiotics I was prescribed at the beginning of December.  I didn't want to be taking them over Christmas and so put off starting them until yesterday.  My bowel is still not reacting well and I am hoping that this will be what makes the improvement.

This evening, my physio gave me a back massage and said that my shape had completely changed and she could now really dig into the bits she needed to!

It's lovely going into a New Year, knowing that I am going to be able to do so much more than I have for so many years.  I was scared going into the operation, but now I couldn't be more pleased that I decided to go for it.