Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One year and six weeks post op

I've weighed in a day late again, but at least I remembered this morning.  I was up early to take my daughter and grandson back to Roscoff to catch the ferry to Cornwall and got on the scales before I set off as I knew I'd have something to eat on the journey.  I like to weight before I eat or drink anything in the morning and wearing the same clothes so it's accurate.

My weight has dropped a little - 700g - this week to 73.5kgs/162lbs/11st8lbs - a miracle when I think of what I have been eating this week with the family here.  My diarrhoea is no better.  Now the family have disappeared back to the UK I will get on with taking the Créon I've been prescribed from tomorrow which means I will absorb fat instead of passing it straight through.  We'll see if that helps this time.   Also I'm going to start taking my vitamins daily.  I've failed to do this for at least five months now, so I'm going to start doing things properly. 

Last week I bought a whole lamb for the freezer.  Lamb is expensive here in Brittany and this was an organic lamb raised by some Brits over here.  I'm looking forward to eating the chops I've just got out of the freezer for tomorrow's supper.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

One year and five weeks post op

Yet again late with posting as I still have the family with me and I have no semblance of my normal routine.  Not that I have a real routine as such, but I do usually go on the computer first thing in the day and now I have a grandson to give breakfast to and entertain until the other adults surface, so we tend to disappear up to the field and do the animals and harvest the ready veggies and strawberries.  Here he is lining up the last of the podded broad beans to dry for next year's seeds.
I weighed in this morning at the same weight again 74.2 kilos/163½lbs/11st 9½lbs, so I'm happy.  I did wonder if I would gain while my family are staying, considering I'm having a lot of packed lunches as we're going out for whole days together to adventure parks etc
and icecreams are figuring pretty high on the daily list of foods along with pizza, chips and crèpes while we're out too. 
What I do find having lost all this weight is that I can keep going all day walking round adventure parks, not out of breath, not red-faced, not looking for a seat as I can't manage to sit down on the grass or get up afterwards, not worn out before the day starts.    I can get through turnstiles at pay kiosks, I couldn't before.  I can sit on a picnic table bench and not worry when the people get up on the other side that the table/bench combination will tip over.  I can sit on the beach all day reading, taking photographs and sunbathing while the others make sandcastles, swim and enjoy themselves without wishing I could leave. 
It's years since I've wanted to be on a beach as I found it so uncomfortable. It's all great!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

One year and four weeks post operation

Two days late weighing this week.  I've got the family here and completely forgot.  Still at least it shows I'm not obsessed with my weight! 

I've stayed the same as last week so far.  Before the mgbp I always expected to gain weight when the family come to stay as I cook much more than normal and someone is usually snacking and I join in.  It doesn't seem to be making much difference to me now though.  We went out this evening to a Pizzeria after a walk along the Nantes/Brest canal bank at Gouarec.  I couldn't eat all my pizza so the remainder is now in my fridge, brought home in a takeaway box.  Since I've been home though, I've had Carr's Water Biscuits with brie and little home grown cherry tomatoes - lovely!

Tomorrow we're having lasagna.  I made the meat sauce today and fridged it.  Tomorrow my daughter's boyfriend will make the béchamel sauce and we'll assemble and cook it for supper.  We'll be having a picnic lunch down by the lake if the weather's fine - I've got lots of bits and pieces, prawns, cheese, homegrown cucumber, tomatoes and salad leaves, paté, etc. etc. so it should be good if the sun shines.

I had the result of my stool sample tests.  All the infections, parasites etc. that they checked for were clear.  As my doctor said, it's perfect.  The diarrhoea continues.  I'm going to start some candida treatment when the family go home, although the test showed I don't have it, but we're clutching at straws a bit.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One year and three weeks post op

I am a day late weighing this week - completely forgot to do it yesterday - so this morning I weighed in at 74.2kgs/163½lbs/11st 9½lbs, so I've lost 3lbs this week. 

I had a very bad Friday night through Saturday morning with regard to vomiting bile and then having very, very frequent diarrhoea from 02.05hrs to 10.00hrs.  I had no sleep and felt awful during Saturday.  Then I slept really well on Saturday night and woke with tons of energy on Sunday, doing lots of gardening and other stuff.

I saw my GP, family doctor, on Monday afternoon for my usual three monthly prescription drugs and she said I had lost too much weight.  I can't understand this as I just - only just -still fall into the obese level for my BMI.  I am 1.57 tall and weigh 74.2kgs which gives me a BMI of 30.10.  This is how it is calculated:
BMI Categories:
  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater 

So obviously, to me, I can afford to get down to BMI 25 which would, for me, be 62 kilos, and still be just in the overweight category. 

I know the top half of my body is not fat at all now, but my hips, thighs and calves certainly are overweight and if I can, I would like to be smaller in these areas.  At just under 5ft 3ins a weight of 11st 9½lbs is hardly too low.