Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Twenty-four week weigh in

Happy New Year!

I have weighed in this morning at 105 kilos/231.5lbs/16stone7½lbs, which means I have lost 38.1kg/84lbs/6 stone since my mini gastric bypass on 18 July, and I am a very happy bunny!  I feel so much better and have bags of energy.    On Sunday, New Year's Day, my Breton neighbours called for me to go for a walk with them.  It was drizzling with rain and very, very wet and muddy underfoot, but it was great even though I was soaked from the knees down when I got home.

My weight loss has slowed somewhat lately, but I am still continuing to lose which is all that matters.  I have just started taking the antibiotics I was prescribed at the beginning of December.  I didn't want to be taking them over Christmas and so put off starting them until yesterday.  My bowel is still not reacting well and I am hoping that this will be what makes the improvement.

This evening, my physio gave me a back massage and said that my shape had completely changed and she could now really dig into the bits she needed to!

It's lovely going into a New Year, knowing that I am going to be able to do so much more than I have for so many years.  I was scared going into the operation, but now I couldn't be more pleased that I decided to go for it.


  1. Wow 6 stone, well done. I hope the AB's work for you.xxx

  2. Thanks Sarah! I've been a bit lax about checking in over the last few weeks, but am writing another blog tomorrow as I have reached a significant milestone!