Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ten week weigh in

Disappointingly low weight loss this week of only 0.9kilos, but it did push me down into the end of the 18 stones so that was good.  I can't seem to influence the loss, so I'm not really disappointed.  So I now weigh 120.5 kilos/18st 13.8lbs, 266 lbs - more or less - these conversions are difficult to get enirely accurate.

I had a bad night on Sunday when I kept having to get up and sit on the loo - not sure why, but felt completely shattered on Monday and went to sleep after lunch missing two appointments!  I haven't been sick for three days now, so that's good.

I played bowls this morning and had a good lot of games - but was exhausted afterwards.  I don't see me doing a full day's bowling for a while yet.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nine week weigh in

This morning I have weighed in at 121.4kg/19st1lb, so a loss of 1.9kilos, a total loss so far of  21.9 kilos/3st 6.5lbs/48.5lbs.

I feel better generally, but am still having trouble trying to find anything I want to eat at all.  I have had to give away loads of bunches of grapes as there is no way I will eat them - this year anyway. 

I went to bowls this morning and it was good to see people I hadn't seen for a long time.  I had a very good game.  I think I'd saved all my skill and luck over the last ten weeks for this morning's game!  The bending down was a bit tiring and I was really sweating with the exertion, but it was a great morning.

I went shopping on the way home.  The biggest part of my supermarket bill is now the cat food!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A nice surprise

I've just realised something.  For several years now, I have been numb on the outside of both thighs because I fitted too snuggly into my armchair.  This afternoon, while sitting in the sun reading, I went to flick a fly off my thigh and realised I could feel it.  Finally, I am slim enough (I know I'm not slim) to fit into my chair without losing feeling.  Just one of those nice spinoffs.

I didn't throw up yesterday and I haven't thrown up today so far, although, to be fair, I haven't eaten very much today because I've been outside all the time in the glorious sunshine and haven't thought about it.   I feel things are looking up.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Eight week weigh in

I've just weighed - forgot to do it this morning - and I've lost a total of 20kg/3st2lbs/44lbs in eight weeks.  I'm now 123.1kg/19st 5.4lbs/271.4lbs.

I'm still having the same problems with vomiting and shitting.  I've was ok this morning, having had a mug of all milk drinking chocolate, a slice of corned beef and twelve cashew nuts.    This afternoon I had a globe artichoke and threw up almost immediately.  There doesn't seem to be anything in particular which makes me vomit, I'm not really sure what does it, but it is a pain in the butt.

Bending is a problem - I tend to feel quite faint afterwards, so still haven't managed to get to a Bowls morning.  However, I do feel stronger generally. Looking back at how I felt three weeks ago I am definitely stronger than then.

I am still sleeping well, and I'm very grateful for that, as I'm dreadful if I don't get a good night's sleep.

It's a lovely sunny and breezy day here, so I've got washing on the line, certain to dry.  I've been sitting out reading and the sun is lovely on my back.  I love these September days when the sunshine is a real bonus, especially after the stormy weather the last few days.

I am generally being more active.  Since my daughter went back to the UK I have been looking after the animals again, hanging out the laundry and doing the shopping.  So, although sometimes I feel I'm not getting there, I can see that I am.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Weigh in - seven weeks post op

I weighed in this morning at 125.1 kilos/19st 10lbs.  So 18 kgs/2st 11½lbs lost in seven weeks.  Not such a big loss this week, but I can't ever explain a low or a high loss.  It doesn't really matter to me, I know I will lose enough weight eventually.  I have had a lot of trouble eating this week again.  I'm finding it very difficult to be interested in food and to find anything I want to try at all. 

Vomiting has again been a problem this week.  I don't feel nauseous, just throw up after almost everything I eat.  The Imodium wore off so I am back on that again.  I was hoping to go to Bowls today, for half a day, but can't risk it with my bowels and the vomiting.

I'm still sleeping well and am grateful for that.  In fact, I sleep too late in the morning really, 8.30-9.30am and should be up earlier for the animals.  Even if I drop off in the afternoon I still sleep as long.

Sunny, but very windy here today and I understand that ferries and flights in Cornwall have been badly affected by the strong winds, so it must have been much worse there.

Yesterday afternoon I spent on the field, supervising weeding of the veggie patches.  Having had seven weeks of doing nothing, they were a real mess.  There are so many butternut squash coming on I can't believe it.  Last year we really enjoyed these and I'm so glad we've got them again.  The onions are now drying off in the polytunnel and the courgettes which have turned into marrows are going to the hens, who seem to love them.  Hopefully there are enough broad bean seeds harvested to keep for next year's crop.   Still loads of beetroot and carrots and the parnips are looking healthy.  Still pounds of tomatoes coming on in the polytunnel - I've already frozen loads of tomato sauce/soup.  Hopefully I shall be able to have lots of veggie soup this autumn/winter.   Soup is one thing I do seem to be able to enjoy.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Don't know what to write really.  Bowels have been good for a couple of days, Imodium obviously worked, but becoming fluid so may have to start taking it again.  Have felt much stronger and better with the improvement.

I'm getting three eggs a day regularly now with my "hatched-here" hens coming into lay.  Will have a very small omelette for supper. 

It's difficult doing meals.  If I were cooking for a family everyday it would be much easier.  I would just take a small amount of what I had cooked for other people, but living alone makes it difficult.  I can hardly cook one floret of broccoli, a couple of pieces of carrot, half a potato, a few square inches of meat - it just doesn't work like that.  So I end up having one thing which would normally be part of a meal not the only thing.  I've had a cup of all milk drinking chocolate and can't decide what to have to eat now.  I'm fed up with Weetabix and bread/toast seems too stodgy.   

The sun is coming out after a dreadfully wet night.  The cats have had a bird downstairs and there are feathers in every part of the sitting room and kitchen - I don't think I've ever seen feathers spread so wide.  I can't begin to clear it up, not wanting to bend down very much still, but my cleaner is here tomorrow so I'll leave her to do it then.  I just hope I have no visitors today.

I managed to get a large black sack of stale bread from SuperU yesterday.  I usually try to get one each week for the animals, but not being well enough to get there for opening time has meant I haven't had any for weeks and weeks.  Yesterday I wasn't early, but was lucky that they still had a sack left.  The goats were very pleased to get some last night and this morning I threw lots into the ducks' water and in the hen field so they were all happy this morning when I let them out.

I've eaten three TUC biscuits while I've been writing this, so that's sorted my breakfast!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Medication changed and a good eating day

I went to see the Pharmacy this morning to see if I could have a liquid vitamin supply instead of the Surgilene tablets which are so difficult to swallow.  They checked and found the existence of a powder sachet which needs to be added to water and ordered that for me to collect late tomorrow afternoon.  It will be another €26+ but worth it to be able to take the vitamins easily.  Took my first of four Vitamin D ampoules for this month - these are replacing the huge tablet which took 35 minutes to suck away.  After the first month I'm taking just one ampoule a month.  So on the medication front, things are looking much better.   I met a friend as I was coming out of the supermarket and we sat on a bench inside the shop catching up.

I have had a good eating day too.  Half a Weetabix, milk and 5ml of sugar for breakfast with a cup of all milk drinking chocolate.  A strawberry yoghurt and two homegrown strawberries.  A small smoked salmon sandwich for lunch with a homegrown beetroot.  Three TUC biscuits and the equivalent of a Dairylea Cheese Triangle (here called Kiri).  Then for supper half a boiled egg and a small piece of bread and butter and some sliced saucisson.

It's been a good weather day here too - cooler than recently this morning, but lovely and sunny this afternoon.  I almost regretted lighting the woodburner at lunchtime as it got warmer and warmer inside even with the double doors open.