Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bladder repair operation - TVT - 23 April 2013

I meant to post before about my bladder op which I had on 23 April and which was performed by Dr R Braguet. 

Everything went smoothly and I had just two nights in Clinic du Littoral before being allowed homes after two separate scans of my bladder to check that it was emptying completely, which it was. 

I had been suffering from stress and urge incontinence since the births of my three children – all of which were difficult.  I did have a bladder repair, involving lifting and sewing the bladder into its new position, in 1988, nine months after my daughter was born but it was unsuccessful.

This time they inserted a Tension-free Vaginal Tape (TVT) which lifts and supports the urethra.  There was the possibility that even if it alleviated the stress incontinence it might worsen the urge incontinence.  I am happy to report that both conditions appear to have been completely cured.  For the first time in the thirty years since I had my first baby I am totally dry and have finally got the confidence to live life without any protection whatsoever. 
So, with the mini gastric bypass and my TVT incontinence operation, life has changed radically for me for the better.  Brilliant!

One year and forty-five weeks post op - skin removal and folic acid

At the end of last week I received a letter from the Service de Control Medical. This was asking me to attend a meeting with a Doctor Spinelli of the Health Service here to ensure that the operation to remove the spare skin on my abdomen was a necessary one.  I had to take photo identification and details of my mini gastric bypass.  I was surprised how nervous I was.  Dr Lechaux had told me before the bypass that I would get this skin removed without paying but, clearly this was not rubber stamp job. 

I found the building easily with the aid of TomTom and there was loads of parking available.  My appointment was not until 14.00hrs but I arrived at 13.30hrs as I hate being late and also thought that if I arrived during the French two hour lunch break I was more likely to find a parking place.  Parking was free too as is usual here in France.  I checked in with Reception and read my book in the waiting area for about 15 minutes completely alone when Dr Spinelli arrived and called me in early.

He asked me about my operation date, weight then and now etc. and asked me to show him my stomach skin.  I had to take my jacket off and when he had seen my excess skin he said that it was not a problem and it would be dealt with without me paying and the same for my arms.  My breasts, however, I would have to pay for if I wanted them done.  Really it’s only my arms and stomach which bother me.  He said I would get it done at Rennes, but I explained that Dr Lechaux had said he wanted to do my stomach skin himself.  I have an appointment at Rennes with Dr S Aillet for my arms and breasts.  

So a good result for me.  He was a very pleasant chap and it was nothing for me to have been nervous about.

Three weeks ago I was left an answerphone message from my GP asking me to collect a prescription for folic acid.  She wasn't around to talk to so I didn't know why, but I see from the product leaflet that it is recommended for malabsorption of food etc so I presume that the answer.  My diarrhoea has changed and the frequency has decreased so I think it was a good call.

My weight remains stable.  I hover between 69.5kgs and 72.5kgs.  This morning I was 71.9kgs.  It's now been stable at this point for eight months so I am very happy with this.

I have a friend going in for her bariatric surgery a fortnight today, with Dr Lechaux at Yves le Foll.  I’m sure everything will go well for her and I’m glad she’s been able to take advantage of this surgery – it will change her life.

Three things I like:

1.   Being able to bend down and garden again.
2.   Running down the lane when I got caught in the rain.
3.   Going through a turnstile entrance without thinking about it