Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bladder repair operation - TVT - 23 April 2013

I meant to post before about my bladder op which I had on 23 April and which was performed by Dr R Braguet. 

Everything went smoothly and I had just two nights in Clinic du Littoral before being allowed homes after two separate scans of my bladder to check that it was emptying completely, which it was. 

I had been suffering from stress and urge incontinence since the births of my three children – all of which were difficult.  I did have a bladder repair, involving lifting and sewing the bladder into its new position, in 1988, nine months after my daughter was born but it was unsuccessful.

This time they inserted a Tension-free Vaginal Tape (TVT) which lifts and supports the urethra.  There was the possibility that even if it alleviated the stress incontinence it might worsen the urge incontinence.  I am happy to report that both conditions appear to have been completely cured.  For the first time in the thirty years since I had my first baby I am totally dry and have finally got the confidence to live life without any protection whatsoever. 
So, with the mini gastric bypass and my TVT incontinence operation, life has changed radically for me for the better.  Brilliant!

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