Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Exactly, one and a half years post op

It's been so long since I've posted, but as it's now exactly one and a half years since my mini gastric bypass I thought I ought to do an update.  These are both photos of me in December 2012.


I seem to have stablilised at 70 kgs/11stones/154 lbs and I'm very happy with this weight. I visited my lung specialist in the latter half of last year and was able to lose my oxygen machine.  In December I had an overnight sleep apnoea test.  The results showed that I could return my night time breathing machine and sleep without it in future.  I can't tell you how pleased I am about this. 
In November I went into Clinic du Littoral and had the large vein in my right leg removed along with some smaller veins in my right calf.  The operation went well.  
I may be having an operation this year to hoick up my bladder, but having visited the surgeon last Thursday, we are going to try two drugs and some bladder reeducation for three months to see if that will do the trick.
Immediately before Christmas, I decided I would not go ahead with the revision to the bypass which had been rescheduled by the surgeon for 17 January 2013. I have not been able to get my head round having the operation and apparently it carries possible complications. Bizarrely, since I have made the decision my diarrhoea has been much better. In fact, during the last three days it has not really been diarrhoea. The definition of diarrhoea is "the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day". For the last three days I have only had one movement in the morning. I feel vindicated in my decision not to have the revision, though why it should suddenly have improved after eighteen months I have no idea.

On the left, here I am early on Christmas Day 2012.  I'm in scruff clothes as I was just about to go to the field to do the animals.  On the right, it shows me at Christmas twelve months ago.

I am now able to shop from women's rails instead of men's which is a novelty!  While back in Cornwall during the first week of January I bought three swimmers from the normal rails and it was good.

My lung specialist asked me to talk to another of her patients who wants to have a mini gastric bypass.  J came over to see me a few weeks before Christmas and she is currently seeing all the professionals who will make the decision about whether she can go ahead with the operation.  She is very positive and I am sure that she will make an ideal candidate.  I look forward to doing anything I can to make it easier for her.

I never dared dream eighteen months ago that I would have had this transformation - it has changed my life in every possible way.



  1. You can see how it is done by the graphic at the top of my blog page. Sandra

  2. gastric band is generally considered as a bariatric weight loss option for morbidly obese persons. However, there is hardly any surgery which doesn’t have any risks associated with it. And, so is the case with gastric bypass. If you are going to have this weight loss surgery, it is better to get acquainted with its complications and risks.

  3. A gastric band is not a permanent or effective solution in the majority of cases. I know of so many people who have had problems with them including one friend who had several weeks in hospital after it had to be removed as her stomach had attached to it and it had to be cut out. She subsequently had a mini gastric bypass with the same surgeon I used later and has had no problems at all.