Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Weight, measurements and stuff at 40 weeks post op

Weigh in today see me at 84.7kgs/186.7lbs/13st 4.7lbs, so I've now lost 58.4kgs/128.7lbs/9st 2.7lbs in 40 weeks. 

I saw Dr Lechaux on Friday and he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic which I am to take for seven days now and every three months for a year.  When I went to collect it from the Pharmacy I was told it had to be made to a specific formula and wouldn't be ready for about a week - ooer!  He always seems to be amazed at my weight loss, but then this is more than partly due to the persistent diarrhoea.  We talked about the loose skin I now have and he confirmed that he will remove the stomach spare skin at some point.  He knows of someone in Rennes who may do my upper arms, but this would have to be paid for by me.  His secretary made an appointment for me with Dr Picot, Intestinal Consultant at Clinique St Yves in Rennes for 9 May late afternoon, so not too long to wait until then.

He also asked me to drink a glass of buttermilk every day.  I bought some in the supermarket on Saturday morning and having fridged it to make it really cold I added two bananas, Ribena (a blackcurrant syrup), milk but mostly buttermilk to the blender and made my first ever smoothie.  I was not looking forward to it as I am not keen on dairy products other than milk, cream and cheese, but it was fine and as it was nearly a blender full I had some in the fridge for later.  So I've had that every day since.

I am eating a wider variety of foods and larger quantities.  On Sunday I had a black coffee with sugar, smoked salmon slices edged with dill and lemon,steak, chips and cauliflower cheese purée, my smoothie, prawns heated with tomato purée, garlic, lemon, pili pili, parsley and butter and served with slices of baguette - so no problem eating at all at the moment.

My diarrhoea has not improved.  I drove to town on Saturday to the bank and was going on to the supermarket but had to return home very quickly which was a complete pain as I then had to drive back into town again.  My relationship with my loo is becoming more, rather than less frequent.  I even have a paperback in the bathroom now so I'm not wasting so much of my day when I am in there.

I thought I'd do my measurements this week and I took them on Sunday evening.

                     Pre-op                 Measurements      Loss up to date at
                     Measurements      Today                  40 weeks post op 
Bust               136cm – 53.5ins   106.5cm - 42 ins    29.5cm - 11.5 ins
Waist             138cm – 54.3ins     99.0cm - 39 ins    39.0cm – 15.3 ins 
Hips               172cm – 67.7ins   124.5cm -  49 ins    47.5cm – 18.7 ins
Calf                54cm – 21.3ins    47.0cm -  18.5 ins   7.0cm –   2.8 ins
I have now managed to find a bra which actually fits me.  I couldn't find anything in the few shops I visited in Cornwall when I was there for my birthday, not one bra was in the size I wanted.  The assistants said they didn't have the size in their range at all.  However, unbelievably, I did find the right size bra in a supermarket here.  They only had one in stock in my size, but I visited two other branches and found a black one and another white one - good news.  I had lost more than nine stone and was still in the same bras as I wore before the weight loss which obviously were not doing a good job - nice not to fall out of them when I lean forward now!


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