Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

41 weeks post op and an unexpected eating problem

I have been struggling with eating over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Six months ago it would have been impossible to write this, but I have been really overeating, cooking several meals in a day and not passing the fridge without opening the door.  I’m not sure what has caused this sudden aberration but I though I had better try to knock it on the head immediately.  Yesterday was easier as I was out at a Book Club meeting in the afternoon and not at home within feet of temptation.  I had leftover Chinese for breakfast, boiled collar bacon and chips for lunch and then steak and salad for supper.  I ate nothing between meals and didn’t snack in the evening so think I have it sorted.  It just seemed so weird when I looked back and thought about how I could barely force myself to eat anything for the first few months, and it was really worrying me on Sunday night when I lay in bed thinking about how out of control I had been.  I just hope I haven’t stretched my stomach pouch too much.

It’s Bowls now, so again I shall be out of the house most of the time and don’t have lunch when I’m out for the whole day so today should be a good eating day.  I’ve weighed in at 84.5kgs/13s 4.3lbs/186.3lbs  so have lost just 200gs/8oz this week and I'm lucky to have done that with my erratic diet this week.

I’m now taking the antibiotics which were made up for me, but so far no difference in the bowel department.

The monthly Obesit√© Bretagne Nord meeting was last Friday and there were lots of new people there.  Some who had already had the mini gastric bypass and some waiting for the operation.  It was a lively meeting, as Dr Lechaux said, there were some strong personalities in the room!  I didn't stay until the very end as I wanted to catch the Chinese before it closed to get a €6 takeaway.  We usually finish with drinks and snacks, but I wanted to get the takeaway and I also wanted to take a photo of the sunset sky on the way home and just caught it beautifully against the clouds.  I ate some of the Chinese while I waited for the sky to change.

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