Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Visit to consultant at twenty weeks and two days and weight loss

As I was going to see Dr Le Chaux this afternoon I weighed this morning.  Now, I have to say that I had a very disturbed evening and night after eating the little bit of cheese.  The evening saw me in the bathroom a lot and then I got up at just after 04.00am and continued in the bathroom about five times until midday.  Luckily, this afternoon I was ok while I was out of the house at the hospital.  I weighed in at 107.1kg which takes me down into the sixteen stones at 16st12lbs2oz.  Breakthrough!  I was 16st6lbs when I first arrived in Cornwall on 3 September 1996, so will be very pleased when I go through that barrier.

After a bit of a wait to see the consultant I showed off my new slimmer body and we talked about my bowel problems and that I had self-diagnosed lactose intolerance.  He seemed to agree with me.  As my bowel problems are better than they were, but still not better, he has prescribed me an antibiotic to deal with the growing bacterial colony in my gut.  He also precribed two more supplements to help with my problems.  I said that I felt much better in myself, I no longer walk with a cane, have more energy, generally feel much better. 

He is organising an event on 25 January 2012 for mini gastric bypass patients to meet each other and invited me along.  I accepted with pleasure.  He also asked if I would be happy to talk to any English patients who come to him.  I agreed with that too.  I suggested that he might consider a brochure in English for MGBP patients and he will probably contact an American surgeon who does a lot of these operations to ask for his advice.

He checked my scars and my tummy apron and said he would probably operate in about a year to remove the excess skin on my abdomen.  We also talked about my hair loss.  I seem to have lost so much hair I'm surprised I still seem to have some on my head.  He said that this was temporary and would improve before long.

We ended with making an appointment for 4 July 2012, but he said that if I needed to see him before this, to 'phone for another appointment.

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