Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fifty weeks post operation

This morning I met with Dr Lechaux for my standard six monthly appointment.  I weighed in his office and weighed the same as I did at home on my scales - 79.1kg/12st6.5lbs/174.3 pounds - so another 1 kg lost this week in spite of my trip back to England.  

My oldest son gave me a good talking to yesterday morning because he felt that I was eating too much, more than him he said.  I rarely finish a plate of food and in fact in the restaurant we went to on Sunday I had the starter of chicken liver and mushroom parfait with two tiny pieces of toast and rocket and then could barely start the roast beef course.  I took home the beef wrapped in a napkin and had it for tea with salad and three new potatoes.   In the evening I had a bar of chocolate and two crumpets, but they are things I don't eat in Brittany, so I'm obviously going to enjoy them when I'm back in England.   I understand his concern, but don't feel that it's a problem and I don't always eat so much in real life back in Brittany when there aren't visitors here.

I am as I said, still losing weight, if slowly.  Dr Lechaux said this morning that he didn't really want me to lose much more if at all.  I would like, if I can to lose a little more from my lower half, the top's fine, just the lower half could do with a bit of weight gone and 12st 6.5 lbs is hardly underweight so I feel justified in losing a bit more if it happens.   Having looked at my stomach Dr Lechaux said when he saw me in December he would decide about removing the excess skin.  There are possible associated problems with this:
haemorrage, abcesses, scar not joining together, untidy ends to the scar etc. etc., but then everything one does has a risk and you just have to take it on board and try to lessen the risk as much as possible.  The hospital stay is a week - too long for me but apparently this is because you have to have tight bandaging intially etc. etc.

He seemed pleased with the way I look and the effort I have made and I am very pleased to have had the operation and have lost so much weight.  The first four months were the worst but I have never regretted having the operation.  I could never have lost the huge excess weight I was carrying without his help.

His secretary made an appointment for me with Dr Housse at Rennes for August next year to talk about my upper arms and breasts being tidied up.  A long time away, but I'm not really in any hurry.

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