Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

One year and five weeks post op

Yet again late with posting as I still have the family with me and I have no semblance of my normal routine.  Not that I have a real routine as such, but I do usually go on the computer first thing in the day and now I have a grandson to give breakfast to and entertain until the other adults surface, so we tend to disappear up to the field and do the animals and harvest the ready veggies and strawberries.  Here he is lining up the last of the podded broad beans to dry for next year's seeds.
I weighed in this morning at the same weight again 74.2 kilos/163½lbs/11st 9½lbs, so I'm happy.  I did wonder if I would gain while my family are staying, considering I'm having a lot of packed lunches as we're going out for whole days together to adventure parks etc
and icecreams are figuring pretty high on the daily list of foods along with pizza, chips and crèpes while we're out too. 
What I do find having lost all this weight is that I can keep going all day walking round adventure parks, not out of breath, not red-faced, not looking for a seat as I can't manage to sit down on the grass or get up afterwards, not worn out before the day starts.    I can get through turnstiles at pay kiosks, I couldn't before.  I can sit on a picnic table bench and not worry when the people get up on the other side that the table/bench combination will tip over.  I can sit on the beach all day reading, taking photographs and sunbathing while the others make sandcastles, swim and enjoy themselves without wishing I could leave. 
It's years since I've wanted to be on a beach as I found it so uncomfortable. It's all great!

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