Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

One year and six weeks post op

I've weighed in a day late again, but at least I remembered this morning.  I was up early to take my daughter and grandson back to Roscoff to catch the ferry to Cornwall and got on the scales before I set off as I knew I'd have something to eat on the journey.  I like to weight before I eat or drink anything in the morning and wearing the same clothes so it's accurate.

My weight has dropped a little - 700g - this week to 73.5kgs/162lbs/11st8lbs - a miracle when I think of what I have been eating this week with the family here.  My diarrhoea is no better.  Now the family have disappeared back to the UK I will get on with taking the Créon I've been prescribed from tomorrow which means I will absorb fat instead of passing it straight through.  We'll see if that helps this time.   Also I'm going to start taking my vitamins daily.  I've failed to do this for at least five months now, so I'm going to start doing things properly. 

Last week I bought a whole lamb for the freezer.  Lamb is expensive here in Brittany and this was an organic lamb raised by some Brits over here.  I'm looking forward to eating the chops I've just got out of the freezer for tomorrow's supper.


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