Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Food and Measurements

I've got to think of something to fill my day, not only today, but to take the time up which I used to enjoy sorting out food. My fridge is almost empty. No more camembert, no chocolate bars, only half a pack of butter left. Usually there would be loads of cheeses, chocolate bars and at least four packs of butter. There is still some cream, but it's long life so can wait until my daughter and grandson come over in August. I have no biscuits left and no crisps or nuts. It seems to me that I shall be very much better off when I'm not buying lots of food, which is just as well as eventually I will have to buy clothes which fit the final me.

It's hard to imagine being slimmer. I've been so fat for so long now that it's become the norm for me. Though something in my brain must think I'm still a normal size, because I'm constantly banging my tummy or bum against door frames as I always think I can get through gaps which are definitely too small. I just can't imagine being able to see my feet when I'm standing up, without leaning dangerously forward. I'm always having to think about treading on Purrdy, my new kitten, who is permanently by my feet when I'm walking around and who I just can't see under my bust and tummy.

It's been a rotten weather day here today. Grey and raining on and off, so I couldn't sit outside which I had been hoping to do. I have loads of magazines which I've been given and I had planned to enjoy some of those in the sunshine. It was not to be.

I went to see the Pharmacist in case my bespoke stockings had arrived, but no luck, so it will be down to someone to bring them in to me when they are telephoned by the shop to say that they've been received there.

The supermarket is next to the Pharmacy, so I went in and got a few bits and pieces. They don't often have watercress and I love it, so when I saw that was in I had to buy that. I came back home to have a watercress sandwich followed by a chocolate bar mid-morning.

This time tomorrow I will be in my hospital room. As I think about this I'm just eating a bowl of strawberries with sugar and cream. I like to dip the strawberries in the cream and then into the sugar. I wonder if I'll have supper tomorrow night, or whether once I arrive that will be the start of my "nil by mouth" leading up to my operation. I shall have my lunch here tomorrow, which will be duck breast with watercress, beetroot and new potatoes. I've got one crème brulée left, so that will be my last indulgent pudding.

I've just walked up the studio stairs to find a tape measure to take my measurements. I was stunned! In fact, that's an understatement.

Bust   136cm – 53.5ins (a lot of back fat too in that measurement)
Waist 138cm – 54.3ins (difficult to find the correct place)
Hips   172cm – 67.7ins (I have the biggest bum of anyone I've ever known)
Calf     54cm – 21.3ins (I've never worn full wellies - always cut them shorter)

Roll on tomorrow's trip to the hospital!

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