Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Sunday, 10 July 2011

My Life Improving after the Mini Gastric Bypass

Not many days left now before the operation.  It's hard to stop thinking about it.  Distractions are good.  Today I had another "last lunch" with my some of my writers' group friends and husbands.

We had a drink at the tables outside first

and then ate in the café at Bon Repos and just had the main course.  I had prawns with chips and salad and very good it was too.

We're talking about meeting for lunch regularly - yes even after the bypass - I can be a spectator and chatterer - having the company will be good. 

I’m listing yet more things which could/would change for the better after the mini gastric bypass.

I will have more energy and maybe even be able to get up out of a chair without groaning, and let’s face it, that is really ageing!  I can’t tell you how difficult it is to climb up into the Land Rover, it is so difficult because of the height, so currently I have a child’s step stool that I have strung so I can use it and then pull it up into the vehicle – I can’t believe I’ve written that down.

Currently, I keep a strong foldable chair permanently in the car so that I can always have a chair that fits me and won’t collapse, if I need to sit down outside at a friend’s house.

I would be able to fly without asking for an extension seat belt.  Why is it, I wonder that normal seat belts are silvery grey, but that the extension belt is bright orange.  Although I give my seat number to the cabin crew when I enter the plane they always start down the aisle waving the orange extension belt and shouting “Who was it who wanted the extension seat belt?” with all the passengers behind them turning round to check out the fat person.  It’s a good job I am not easily embarrassed!

I have often had to ask restaurants to provide a chair without arms as I can’t fit between them.  I have had to give up going to the cinema as the seats simply don’t accommodate me. 

Many years ago, when I rang the Hall for Cornwall to ask if all their seats had arms and explained why.  They were brilliant and said if I’d like to arrive half an hour early and check out the seats, they would remove an arm if necessary.  They didn’t have to, I fitted into a seat without problem, but it was a very kind offer, and it was good to find a newly fitted out building with kinder seating.

I will have a lap for the cats to sit on again and, if my grandson isn’t too big for a cuddle, he will be able to sit on me too.

I have one of those grabber things, to pick up miscellaneous items that I drop on the floor.  Bending down is very uncomfortable, not least when I’m playing bowls.  I use a lifter for picking up my woods, but still have to bend to bowl.  It would be good to be able to do that more easily and without getting hot and out of breath.

Again bending is difficult when gardening, so I don’t do nearly as much as I should, and have to pay others to help me out.  I love gardening and it will lovely to be able to do it mostly myself. 

I have to drive to my field where the animals and veggies are.  It’s 200 metres away, but because of my knees, back and breathlessness I have to use the car – crazy. 

So, there are a tremendous amount of things which will change for the better.  Even by Christmas this year, life should be much easier.

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