Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Shopping for the Extra Days and Starting the Packing

So, still four more nights at home before I go in after the delay due to the lack of anaesthetists.  As there was a power cut here today and I couldn't do much at home, I went shopping for the extra days' supplies I need.  I bought calves’ liver which I shall cook with bacon, onions, mushrooms, cream, parsley and lemon juice and have with new potatoes and butter. I bought mussels which I will do marini√®re style with shallots, Muscadet, parsley, seasoning and I always add cream. This gives a beautiful sauce to mop up with crusty French bread. I also bought a pack of chocolate desserts, some more milk (semi-skimmed nowadays) and three more bars of chocolate etc. etc.

I picked spinach and the first of this year's runner beans on the way home from coffee and charging my laptop with friends, so I have some green veggies to go with the calves' liver meal. 

There were lovely and very cheap vine tomatoes in the supermarket today.  Everyone was filling two or three bags and loading their trollies with them.  I bought one large bagful to make some sauce, as my own polytunnel tomatoe plants aren't producing large quantities yet.

I've been eating a chocolate bar a day this last week, as I shan't be able to have chocolate at all I don't think.   I've also had roast pork with crackling, bacon, fried eggs and fried bread, prawns in a cream sauce and all sort of other food loaded in calories.  What is weird is that I've only gained 700g in the last seven days.  Normally I wouldn't have dreamed of having all the food I love in one week - I can't explain it, but I'm just glad it's working out like this at the moment.

This afternoon, I've deadheaded petunias and roses, so hopefully the plants will continue flowering well.  In the driveway was this frothy pink poppy which I had to share.

I've started work on my packing list for the hospital stay.  Yesterday evening I sorted out all my medication, which has to go to the hospital in the original packaging with a copy of the prescription so that the staff can see exactly when you take what.  At home I use a tablet dispenser as I seem to take so many pills that's it's easier to fill that each week and not have to sort it out every day.  I hate not being in charge of my medication, or in charge of anything come to that.  I am used to doing things for myself and find it hard to relinquish control.

When I was in for my parathyroidectomy in June this year, I took in CDs with talking books.  I found these brilliant.  The scar site was on my neck under my chin and with the swelling it was difficult to bend my head down, so being able to listen to a book being read was great.  So since I've been back today, I've been sorting out some of the piles of CDs/DVDs in my cupboard.  There are loads.  A lot of them came with the Sunday papers which I used to buy when I lived in Cornwall and I never watched the DVDs or listened to the stories, so I've picked out twenty DVDs, several music CDs and a few talking books to take in with me.  I can't get the internet in hospital, but I can use my laptop to play CDs and DVDs and when I'm feeling like it I can write on it too.

Right that's it for today's posting.  Tomorrow I will start sorting out other bits and pieces from my packing list so I know I'll be ready on Sunday.  I hate finding and getting stuff ready for anything - holidays or hospital - and usually spend a week or doing it, laying it all out on the spare room bed.  So I'll do a bit each day and it won't seem so bad.

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