Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Don't know what to write really.  Bowels have been good for a couple of days, Imodium obviously worked, but becoming fluid so may have to start taking it again.  Have felt much stronger and better with the improvement.

I'm getting three eggs a day regularly now with my "hatched-here" hens coming into lay.  Will have a very small omelette for supper. 

It's difficult doing meals.  If I were cooking for a family everyday it would be much easier.  I would just take a small amount of what I had cooked for other people, but living alone makes it difficult.  I can hardly cook one floret of broccoli, a couple of pieces of carrot, half a potato, a few square inches of meat - it just doesn't work like that.  So I end up having one thing which would normally be part of a meal not the only thing.  I've had a cup of all milk drinking chocolate and can't decide what to have to eat now.  I'm fed up with Weetabix and bread/toast seems too stodgy.   

The sun is coming out after a dreadfully wet night.  The cats have had a bird downstairs and there are feathers in every part of the sitting room and kitchen - I don't think I've ever seen feathers spread so wide.  I can't begin to clear it up, not wanting to bend down very much still, but my cleaner is here tomorrow so I'll leave her to do it then.  I just hope I have no visitors today.

I managed to get a large black sack of stale bread from SuperU yesterday.  I usually try to get one each week for the animals, but not being well enough to get there for opening time has meant I haven't had any for weeks and weeks.  Yesterday I wasn't early, but was lucky that they still had a sack left.  The goats were very pleased to get some last night and this morning I threw lots into the ducks' water and in the hen field so they were all happy this morning when I let them out.

I've eaten three TUC biscuits while I've been writing this, so that's sorted my breakfast!

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