Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ten week weigh in

Disappointingly low weight loss this week of only 0.9kilos, but it did push me down into the end of the 18 stones so that was good.  I can't seem to influence the loss, so I'm not really disappointed.  So I now weigh 120.5 kilos/18st 13.8lbs, 266 lbs - more or less - these conversions are difficult to get enirely accurate.

I had a bad night on Sunday when I kept having to get up and sit on the loo - not sure why, but felt completely shattered on Monday and went to sleep after lunch missing two appointments!  I haven't been sick for three days now, so that's good.

I played bowls this morning and had a good lot of games - but was exhausted afterwards.  I don't see me doing a full day's bowling for a while yet.

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