Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Medication changed and a good eating day

I went to see the Pharmacy this morning to see if I could have a liquid vitamin supply instead of the Surgilene tablets which are so difficult to swallow.  They checked and found the existence of a powder sachet which needs to be added to water and ordered that for me to collect late tomorrow afternoon.  It will be another €26+ but worth it to be able to take the vitamins easily.  Took my first of four Vitamin D ampoules for this month - these are replacing the huge tablet which took 35 minutes to suck away.  After the first month I'm taking just one ampoule a month.  So on the medication front, things are looking much better.   I met a friend as I was coming out of the supermarket and we sat on a bench inside the shop catching up.

I have had a good eating day too.  Half a Weetabix, milk and 5ml of sugar for breakfast with a cup of all milk drinking chocolate.  A strawberry yoghurt and two homegrown strawberries.  A small smoked salmon sandwich for lunch with a homegrown beetroot.  Three TUC biscuits and the equivalent of a Dairylea Cheese Triangle (here called Kiri).  Then for supper half a boiled egg and a small piece of bread and butter and some sliced saucisson.

It's been a good weather day here too - cooler than recently this morning, but lovely and sunny this afternoon.  I almost regretted lighting the woodburner at lunchtime as it got warmer and warmer inside even with the double doors open.  

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