Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Saturday, 15 October 2011

An interim weigh in

Because I've been over in the UK for a week, I didn't manage to weigh on my scales on Tuesday, as I usually do, so I've weighed this morning - four days late. 

I saw the hypotherapist in England but it was felt by him that I needed a twelve week session which obviously I couldn't do as I live in Brittany.

I weighed in at 17stones 13lbs/113.9 kilos/251 lbs.  This is a further weight loss of 9lbs, putting my total weight loss in just over twelve weeks to 29.2 kilos/4st 8lbs/64lbs.  Next Tuesday, will be 13 weeks and exactly three months.  Although the weight loss is lovely, it is also worrying as it is due largely to my almost complete inability to eat and the constant vomiting I am suffering.  Yesterday, as I was travelling for 12 hours coming back home I didn't eat anything, as I couldn't cope with being ill in the car or on the boat.   In spite of this, I was sick just before I went to bed.

Trying to be positive now I'm back and get over this problem of putting anything in my mouth at all.

I am making a concerted effort now I'm back to sort this out.   This morning I managed my tablets without vomiting and ate half a banana.  I also, for the first time for ages, drank my vitamins - they taste disgusting, but I am very weak and do need to sort out my mouth problems.  I am planning half a cheese sandwich for lunch, having brought back Cheddar and white plastic bread from Cornwall.

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