Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Medication change and vomiting

Saw the doctor this morning who reduced my medication so I have less stuff to take and changed some medication to easier things to take. 

When I got back, after midday, I ate two TUC biscuits a small piece of cheese and part of a nectarine.  I then threw up every 10-20 minutes and couldn't seem to stop. God knows what it was all about.  Felt so awful all afternoon.  Finally, after a particularly long session of vomiting from 5.45-5.55pm I gave in and telelphoned the doctor.  She said she'd call me back at the end of surgery.  Typically, I didn't throw up again.  I think the last long session must have cleared a blockage probably caused by the vitamin tablets which are pretty big.   I could cut them in half, but then I'd have to swallow twice the amount - the medication is difficult.   

The doctor called later and said she wasn't happy with me taking the vitamin tablets again.  She said I had to go to the chemist tomorrow and ask if there was a liquid alternative.  If the pharmacist wanted to he could call her at the surgery.

It's thunder and lightning again here this evening - now 20.10hrs - and it seems so close - right above the house, that I've disconnected the electricity to the laptop.  We've have a lot of thunder this last seven days.

Strangely quiet today without Libby and Charlie, although there is something nice about it!  I was going to go to bed early, I'm exhausted from the vomiting, but can't as I have to do the animals myself now.  Come back Libby!

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