Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My son went home today but Libs and Charlie are still here

Really good night's sleep and then woken at 8.00am by the Nurse's head popping round my bedroom door saying "cuckoo!"  She gave me my jab and I watched the news on the television until I got up for my shower.

Took my blood pressure tablet and came on down to cook my breakfast of a rasher of bacon and the yolk of an egg, followed by a half mug of drinking chocolate.  Then took my Candida medicine - seems to be working.  Finished up the raspberries mid morning and had a very small ham sandwich for lunch.  

Can walk more easily today, still with a cane, because of my knees too, but standing for any length of time is difficult.  Supermarket shopping is knackering, but at least I have the trolley to lean on. 

At 2.15pm Matthew drove the Land Rover with me, Libby and Charlie to Roscoff to catch his ferry back to England.  I wish he could have stayed longer, but he has his own life and work to get back to.  I then had to drive back home.  It was tiring, but did it all in one go and then cooked some chicken wings for supper.  I managed just two and Charlie had the other two while watching Little Bear on the television - his "before I go to bed" programme.  Had another hot chocolate drink and some potato crisps. 

It rained part of the way to Roscoff and all the way back and into the evening.  We had thought about spending part of the day on the beach, but in the end gave up that idea and left later because of the forecast.

Feeling a bit stronger today and didn't take a "chill pill" so things must be better mustn't they?   Ended the day with a chocolatey custardy thing. 

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