Diagram of Operation

Diagram of Operation
My new tummy arrangement after gastric mini bypass

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Quite a good day - even with the blood taking!

Woken by the nurse arriving to do my blood tests and anti-coagulant injection.  I didn't hear her arrive because I was asleep and my breathing machine makes quite a noise.  She arrived at the house where Libby and Charlie sleep and Charlie couldn't understand her speaking in French.  Libby got up and showed her over to my house and she came upstairs to the bedroom.   She was the nurse who founded the nurses office here in St Nicolas du Pélem and, amazingly, her grandparents used to live in the house where Libby and Charlie sleep!  Her name is Martine le Bars.   She managed to take enough blood for all the tests on the first attempt - brilliant, and then gave me the anti-coagulant injection and said she'd see me tomorrow.

Whole Weetabix with milk and a teaspoon of sugar for breakfast.  A whole peach mid morning which Libby peeled for me and sliced ready to eat.  Boursin with bread for lunch and a sliver of pork pie. 

Felt a bit weird this morning, hard to explain exactly, so took half a "chill pill".  Chicken soup and raspberries mid afternoon and then this evening spaghetti with parsley and butter.  Whether I ate the spaghetti too fast or didn't chew it enough, I'm not sure, but I felt pretty rough for the hour afterwards and thought I would be sick - luckily I wasn't.  May give pasta a miss for a while.

The children swam this afternoon in the pool in the garden - it's been such a lovely blue sky sunny day.  They've just all been playing on the Wii and now it's Charlie's bathtime and I'm left for twenty minutes in peace and quiet!

A good eating day (apart from the spaghetti) and spoke to friends on Skype in England which is always good. 

Tomorrow is a busy day, with driving to Roscoff to take Matthew to the port and then I have to drive back.  If it's difficult I'll just have to stop a few times and take a break.  The weather doesn't look as if it will be great tomorrow, so may go bowling - I shan't be playing - and for a meal on the way to the port.

May get the blood test results back tomorrow, usually here in Brittany they arrive within twenty-four hours - will be interesting to see what they are.

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